Our Partners

Born and raised in Toronto, by a professor of Physics, married to a professor of History, Doug Prentice has always marched to the beat of the different harmony found by playing accordions, with bag-pipes for accompaniment.

With lifelong interest in many subjects, coupled to a truly varied array of talents and skills,

Doug has studied and worked at a variety of disciplines and endeavous. He completed the first year of Astrophysics at U of T, switched tracks to get a diploma in culinary management, and spent the next six years cooking at a major Toronto Hotel, while raising two sons, Guthrie and Theo, with his first wife, and beginning correspondence courses in yacht design.

When his first wife left, Doug left professional cooking, to concentrate full time on his yacht design studies, and single parenthood. Over the next few years he also honed his sailing and cruising skills in the family’s first trimaran, introduced his boys to the nautical life, continued his yacht design studies, and met his second wife, Shirley.

Spurred by a shared ambition, coupled with the desire to provide a unique educational experience for Doug’s kids, Doug and Shirley found a three-quarter built 48 foot trimaran, finished her, christened her Whale’s Way, and sailed her seven eighths of the way round the World, from Toronto to Victoria, with Doug’s kids, and an ever-changing roster of relatives, as crew.

Settling in Shawnigan Lake, BC, Shirley oversaw the household and the boys’ secondary education, while Doug completed the Mechanical Engineering Technology program at Camosun College, and worked two years as an assistant and understudy to a product development engineer. At Camosun College, Doug met Daniel Natee, who would become a valued friend, and later his partner in the Hexametric product development partnership.

After the boys finished high school, Doug’s disillusionment with Western consumerism, his deep concervation/environmental commitment, a strong and unshared desire to downsize both lifestyle and spending, and other issues, forced Doug and Shirley to amicably dissolve their marriage, Doug to move back aboard the Whale’s Way and to moor her in Oak Bay BC. Some years later, over lunch, Doug joked, “Shirley, I really divorced the large suburban house, and the two cars. You were just caught in the crossfire.” Shirley laughed, ” Thats sooo True!”

Last year, Danny came to Doug with an idea for an innovative portable physical exercise technology, and they formed the Hexametric product development partnership to develop it, and subsequent product ideas, as inspiration should strike.

Danny’s Bio is on the way. We promise.