Hexercise Device

Referred to around the office as “HexiFlexi”, the hexercise device is the premier product by Heximetric. Utilizing the bodies own forces, this highly durable net facilitates a wide range of workout foci.

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One thought on “Hexercise Device

  1. Hi.
    Apologies for not paying sufficient attention to the website. busy with the redesign…

    Two totally unrelated thoughts.

    One:The “Hexi-Flexi is still in development , and we hope to have it market-ready in 2013. Please remember that what was presented on the Dragons, and is shown here represents an early stage in the development process. Our design continues to evolve, and feedback, both positive and negative, is useful input to that process.

    Two: just discovered (or re-discovered?) that hexameter or hexametric refers to a meter (line length and rhythm definition) used in classic Greek and Roman poetry, Apparently, in the original language, Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey were in Hexameter, as are the best English translations. Did this play into our choice of Hexametric for our partnership and first product name? Did one of us subconsciously channel a high school English teacher? Who knows? The coincidence is interesting, if coincidence it be.