Our Mission

We, the Hexamatric product development Partnership, believe that well developed and engineered products are worth investing the necessary development effort.

We believe fitness for the intended use is the prime product development priority. The second, equally important, priority has four aspects: reliability, safety, sustainability, and environmental responsibility. To assess the application of these priorities when developing products requires a full life-cycle analysis approach.

We pledge never to release a product we’re developing, to manufacturing for market, before our lifecycle analyses of our design satisfy us that all aspects of the aforementioned design and development priorities have been satisfied to levels exceeding both our internal and industry standards.

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4 thoughts on “Our Mission

  1. That mission statement really impresses me. If only more companies were focused on providing a high quality, durable product to their customer base.

  2. I had a great laugh seeing you guys on Dragons Den. Good luck in the future, perhaps you could market your product for play structures to city councillors looking for fun safe ways to get kids fit.

  3. Your product doesn’t cater to the “common crowd”. People care more about looks than actual efficiency/scientific background behind the product. I highly suggest that you try the medical field. Try to sell your product to rehabilitation centres and centres focusing on motor skills development. Good luck!